Dungeon Maestro really wants you to play Dungeonland

The upcoming co-op, hack n slash title from Paradox Interactive, Dungeonland, will be giving those who pre-order some added incentives.

Dungeonland launches on January 22nd, and looks both bloody and satisfying.

Check out the launch trailer below.

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? If players pre-order, they get access to the Grimoire Pack. This is a set of perks allowing for sneakier traps and meaner monsters when playing as the Dungeon Maestro.

If that’s not enough to tickle your tantalisers, there will be a Twitch TV presentation tomorrow at 7pm GMT showing the game in more detail.

In the words of the Dungeon Maestro, “The sooner you get off your heroically gigantic rear and pre-order, the sooner you can start disposing of your miserable little ‘friends. As much fun as it is to take a personal tour of Dungeonland, there’s no better way to visit my park than with other players. It’s such a helpful way to sort out your relationships – which of your peers contains the most blood, which one looks the tastiest to a dragon, and so forth. Have you paid me yet? Why are we still talking?” 

You heard the man! Get it here

(Source: Paradox Interactive)

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