The Dwarves will receive Day 1 Patch

Kickstarter venture, The Dwarves, will receive a Day One Patch when it launches on December 1st.

We reviewed the game yesterday and cited some concerning technical issues that ultimately hampered our overall enjoyment. Fortunately, the patch seems to address at least some of them.

Weighing in at a staggering 7.13GB on Playstation 4, and a much more reserved 3.09GB on Xbox One, the patch adds a few neat touches, while also fixing some existing issues.

For instance, there are several UI improvements in Shops, and when characters level up, gain experience, and while looking at overall party management.

There are also some balancing changes in battles which is particularly interesting to us as the game really suffers from unfairness at times.

And it’s also apparently no longer possible to be trapped between objects.

That said, there’s no mention of the specific character glitches we highlighted, nor the inconsistencies with battle conditions, fluctuations in stats prior to battles, stability fixes for hard-crashes, or the random pathing of orcs in one particular battle.

Hopefully most of those get fixed in the overall balance changes. For now, check out the full changelog below. Be wary though, there may be a few spoilers in here based on specific fixes.

Changes for Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Performance Optimizations

  • Lag-spikes in multiple locations fixed
  • Better FPS in multiple combat arenas due to preloading, enemy behavior changes and enhanced trackers
  • Better FPS in additional locations due to graphical adjustments/optimizations
  • Some texture adjustments (slightly better loading times, reduced potential lag spikes)

Graphical Improvements

  • Soft particles in all quality settings
  • Updated fog in multiple locations
  • Added effects (Steam, smoke) in multiple locations
  • Tone-Mapping/HDR adjustments in multiple locations


  • Many camera colliders had been optimized for less camera jumps/clipping problems
  • Nav-Mesh/Character collider improvements
  • UI improvements in Shop-, Level-Up, Party and XP screen; HUB fixes
  • Rodarios Fake Death ability works as described now
  • Balancing changes in some battles
  • Added a hint to the worldmap to show how many days a village will withstand its attackers
  • Boindil can’t knock himself out anymore by running into walls
  • If the game is paused, there is now an indication for that and an info how to resume
  • Sidequest marker for the worldmap
  • Additional loading screen tips

Bug fixes

  • Potential crash bug after restarting Mifurdania Woods fixed
  • Potential crash after fighting with Bislipur for the first time fixed
  • Bug after introduction of Andokai/Djerun fixed
  • Bug after climbing down the oak tree fixed
  • It’s no longer possible to be trapped between objects
  • Fixed some rendering issues with characters in the UI


  • More music in the credits scene
  • Added missing supporters to the orc army in the credits scene
  • Added a second slot for AutoSaves. Both slots alternate
  • Added Chinese language
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