Dying Light 2 gets For Honor Crossover

Dying Light 2 is crossing over with For Honor in one seriously unlikely crossover.

In game, Kensei, Wardens and Berserkers are in the game for the next two weeks, beginning today and ending December 5th. This 2 week event comes with unique rewards, animations, blueprints and weapons.

There’s also a Global Goal where, if it’s hit, will give all players a Warlord’s Shield weapon charm.

For Honor bundles will also be available in Dying Light 2 and bought in the in-game shop. Bundles include Berserker, Warden and Kensei Bundles, filled with charms and weapons. All are available for 500 DL Points.

Dying Light 2 For Honor Crossover Event is now live.

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Brad is an absolute horror buff and adores the new take on I.T. He also fancies himself as a bit of a Battle Royale master but never when anyone's watching.
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