Bethesda making major Elder Scrolls Online announcement on Wednesday, Summerset Isle DLC imminent?

There will be a major Elder Scrolls Online announcement this Wednesday, according to Bethesda.

They claim that ‘new adventures are on the horizon’ and are billing the forthcoming announcement as ‘major’.

This Wednesday, a new chapter for TESO will be streamed live on Twitch with the ZeniMax Online Studios Creative Director, Rich Lambert.

What could it be?

CONFIRMED – The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset has been unveiled. Full details here

The last major chapter was Morrowind back in June of 2017, revisiting the infamous and popular location of the third numbered Elder Scrolls game. Could we be making a trip to the lands of Oblivion next? Maybe a dedicated Skyrim expansion?

Or will we go back much further to the heavily rumoured Summerset Isle from the very first Elder Scrolls game? That’s certainly been suggested by the below tweet.


Summerset Isle is home to the Altmer, an ancient, magical race and there have been nods and hints to them in the existing game already.

More on this to follow. Be sure to tune in to to watch it all go down live on March 21st at 8pm GMT.

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