Even Yes, Your Grace benefits from next-gen power

When you think about the power of your PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, your mind probably first goes to 4K Resolutions and faster frame-rates.

If we’re all being completely honest, you’re probably not too concerned if either will be able to play a game like Yes, Your Grace. Because if they couldn’t then, well, this would be a very short gen indeed.

But here’s the thing, even Yes, Your Grace benefits from improved textures and illuminated backdrops from flickering torches. Look up and the sky is bright blue by day, shock purple at night, each brought to life and enriched with the most beautiful pastel strokes and colours.

You visit the kingdom’s dungeons and the puddles covering the floor reflect the jail cells you’re walking past. Head up to your bedroom chamber and the sun shining through lights up the entire room.

Characters stand out even more with their enriched colour palettes and backwall textures really give you the best possible version of the Kingdom of Davern.

But perhaps the best news of all, the game’s loading times have all but been eradicated. You’re barely waiting a second between days and you can move around in an instant.  Character movement is rapid – sometimes too fast. Frame rate is smooth as silk, and everything is just as responsive as you’d want it to be.

Simply put, don’t bother trying to read Twitter while playing. Or try writing a review for that matter.

I came in with very low expectations about its upgrade potential – the game itself is tremendous, of course – but I’m genuinely impressed with what No More Robots and Brave At Night have been able to get out of my Series X. It’s absolutely not the showcase title for your new console, but it is easily the best looking, fastest responding version of the game out there.

Am I completely convinced that Yes, Your Grace still isn’t best played on Switch, though? Not quite. Much like Brad said in his review a while back, this game never feels more at home than when it’s in the palm of your hands and you’re snuggled up warm following its gripping story.

It’s an intimate experience, for sure. But playing for the game’s 35 Achievements and whizzing your way around like lightning is definitely more than just an attractive proposition. Wherever you jump in, Yes, Your Grace is a wonderful time that you simply must make the time to play.

Yes, Your Grace is now available on PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox, and Switch

Tested on Xbox Series X

Code provided by No More Robots

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