Exoprimal first major Title Update gets new details ahead of August 16 release

The first major Title Update for Exoprimal just got a bunch of new details.

Ahead of its August 16 release, the director of Exoprimal has given new details on four of the ten Alpha Variant suits and how to unlock them.

When the title update releases, all the Exosuits will be available to unlock and use in wargames, but you’ll need to get the base version of them first and have them hit level 20.

There’s also 34 new modules being added in – base ones that can be equipped by any suit, as well as ones specifically for Variant Alpha types.

Among them is a renewal mod that increases health and a thrust module that lets you repulse enemies. And from a weapon and defensive point of view there’s a fortress shield and charge shotgun.

Exoprimal Title Update 1 launches August 16.

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