Starfield Premium Edition gives you 5 days early access, Constellation and Old Mars Skin DLC Packs

It’s almost time for Starfield which is just under a month away.

Launching September 6th, Bethesda’s next main-line RPG and first new IP in years is ready to take the world – and galaxy – by storm in a year full of incredible experiences.

And if you pick up the Premium Edition, you can dive in even earlier as this will give you a full 5 days early access to the game, allowing you to play Starfield on PC or Xbox from September 1st.

By picking up the Premium Edition, you will gain access to the Shattered Space Story Expansions – as we highlighted here – when those release. As well as both the Starfield Digital Artbook and OST.

You’ll also get the Constellation Skin DLC pack which includes…

  • Equinox Laser Rifle
  • Spacesuit
  • Boost Pack

Meanwhile, for pre-ordering any edition of the game, you’ll get some additional DLC in the form of the Old Mars Skin Pack. This nets you

  • Laser Cutter
  • Deep Mining Helmet
  • Deep Mining Pack

Starfield is finally ready to descend on us all and launches on PC and Xbox Game Pass from September 1st. And remember it’s Play Anywhere, so a purchase on PC means you can also play on Xbox. Neat!

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