Exoprimal has pre-order DLC and Season 1 Survival Pass available with Deluxe Edition

Capcom are not done with 2023 just yet with their brand new IP, Exoprimal.

Coming July 14 and dropping on Xbox Game Pass, the Deluxe Edition also throws in a bunch of content from day one.

In addition to picking up Exoprimal, you’ll also get the following content.

– Head Start Kit
– Vigilant Early Unlock Ticket
– Murasame Early Unlock Ticket
– Nimbus Early Unlock Ticket
– Paladin exosuit skin (Vigilant)
– White Guardian exosuit skin (Murasame)
– Wonderland exosuit skin (Nimbus)

In addition, as a pre-purchase bonus, you can pick up the following cosmetic content.

– Shark’s Mouth (Gray) exosuit skin for Deadeye
– Stone Golem exosuit skin for Roadblock
– Bush Camo exosuit skin for Witchdoctor

As a limited time bonus, you can also pick up  the  Survival Pass Season 1: Premium Tier with rewards that change from season to season. In Season 1, you’ll pick up the following…

– 19 Exosuit skins

– 10 Weapon skins

– 3 decals

– 4 emotes

– 2 stamps

– 10 player tag emblems

– 1 player tag background

Exporimal is a futuristic team battler, set in 2040, that sees players compete together in exosuits as they battle dinosaurs in an online-only action shooter. It’s certainly an intriguing premise.

Exoprimal launches on PC, Xbox and PlayStation on July 14.

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