Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE DLC releasing through October

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE has just dropped for Nintendo Switch and will be supplied with plenty of content in the weeks ahead.

Spike Chunsoft and Too Kyo Games have announced details for the first substory ‘Ch. Desuhiko: Charisma Killed the Cat.

There will be four DLC packs in total, each containing a substory, and make up a wider season pass or can be picked up individually.

Charisma Killed the Cat will release on July 27 and put players in control of Desuhiko Thunderbolt who uses the Forensic Forte of disguise. The blurb describes him as ‘a young man with a goofball nature who likes hitting on women under the guise of investigation’. He also ‘carries a huge backpack filled with tools necessary for his disguises.’

His abilities enable him to match his targets with visual and psychological disguise, even matching their weight and height.

Beyond DLC 1, you’ll also be able to play DLC 2 on August 2023, DLC in September 2023 and DLC 4 in October 2023.

Patch 1.30 is also live now which adds some minor text fixes and adjusts voice and sound effects.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is out now.

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