Fall Guys are dropping into Super Bomberman R 2 as Bean Bombers

The next Super Bomberman game is just under a month away and there’s already a huge crossover in store.

Collaborating with Mediatonic on Fall Guys, you can jump into the action as a playable bean. That’s right, they’re now official Bomber Men. Or Bean Bombers. They throw lots of bombs now anyway.

It also has a special ability where you can jump 2 cells ahead called ‘Dive’ which looks just like the trademark jump. Perfect!

The game releases digitally on September 13 with a physical release following the day after, and includes a bunch of new features

Super Bomberman R 2 features full cross-play across all platforms and includes a ton of new modes and activities, such as various Battle Modes, 64 player battles, a grade, ranked match, as well as free for alls, offline, stage editors and a full story mode.

It looks like a pretty content rich package and it’s also going to feature Fall Guys, so what’s not to love.

Super Bomberman R 2 releases from September 13 on essentially everything.

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