Final Fantasy XV The Dawn of the Future DLC Confirmed

Final Fantasy XV Future DLC has been confirmed to be Episodes Ardyn, Aranea, Luna and Noctis.

A PAX Panel has confirmed the characters involved in the four DLCs, a brief synopsis and a working title. It has also been revealed they will arrive in 2019.

Episode 1 will focus on Ardyn and is provisionally called ‘The Conflict of the Sage’. It will portray his struggles and players will witness his harbored resentment toward Lucius, as well as his clashes with Astrals.

A side story episode, The Beginning of the End, is about Aranea, and is a side story about the Starscourge from Nilfheim’s perspective.

DLC 3 or Episode 2 is based around Lunafreya and entitled ‘The Choice of Freedom’ which looks at Luna’s fate and how death may not even be able to set her free. The DLC is about her battle to save the ones she loves to overturn the destiny of the Lucian King.

Finally, Episode III will surprisingly be about Noctis and entitled ‘The Final Strike’. DLC 4 sees Noct part ways with the Astrals and embark on his final battle to build the best future for all his people.

All of this is building toward an all-new ending for the game. It won’t overwrite the existing ending, but it will give them something new to work towards. Wonder what it could be?

No word on release dates as yet, but at least now we know what to expect for the next year or so.

More as we get it.

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