Gaming Rumour Roundup Fact Check (August 21, 2022)

We’ve been casually reporting on rumours the past few months but with a twist.

As this is a very secretive industry by nature and because so many people have been caught out by speculation, we’ve decided to look at some of the persistent rumours of the week, then review them a few months down the line.

Let’s look back at our Roundup from August 21 and see how many of these rumours came to light.

August 21 Rumour Roundup

  • It looks like Fortnite is set to cross over with Destiny with content being split between the two gamesDatamining ahead of Bungie’s Lightfall Event on Tuesday seems to show new skins coming to Destiny from Fortnite. If real, it’ll be interesting to see what pops up in Fortnite.

    This one was true! And it went further still letting players customise using skins from Fall Guys. Destiny 2 players got Fortnite skins via the Eververse Store, one for each of the main classes. And Fortnite players could customise themselves as Commander Zavala, Ikora, and the Exo Stranger. There’s even a little trailer for it.

  • Staying on Destiny 2, it seems Season 18 has a name and we may now know what raid, story content, and activities will be included. (@Ginsor and @JoshHunt on Twitter seem to be all over this right now) 

    They were right about this one as well. Season of the Plunder is the name and it’s still running through to November 15 where we’ll get a second week of Iron Banner. During this season, the King’s Fall raid launched, as well as the Festival of the Lost, and Trials of Osiris. 

  • Another Twitter user making a name for themselves in recent months with cryptic teases – (@insider_wtf) may have possibly leaked Pinocchio themed Souls-Like “Lies of P” coming to Xbox Game Pass Day One using lyrics from the song ‘Pinnochio Story’. Seems a bit of a stretch when you write it out like that, but if true, sounds like a Gamescom Announcement to us! 

    It was indeed a Gamescom announcement. During Opening Night Live, Geoff Keighley confirmed this soulslike is launching day and date on Xbox Game Pass next year. Pretty cool!

  • Still on cryptic teases and Xbox. (@ALumia_Italia) seems to suggest something big is happening with Ubisoft+ and based on their track record with the Microsoft store specifically, that it could be making its way to consoles and maybe even Xbox Game Pass. This seems to be one rumour that won’t go away and no question, would be a huge statement of intent for the subscription service. If it’s real.

    This one hasn’t happened. There is definitely a stronger presence of Ubisoft games on Xbox Game Pass with recent additions of the Assassin’s Creed titles, like Origins and Odyssey. There’s also Far Cry 5 and For Honor. But in terms of the full Ubisoft+ platform being on Game Pass, there’s no indication that’s happening anytime soon. 

  • The Website Avatar News seems to believe there’s an Avatar: The Last Airbender game coming called ‘Quest for Balance’, it looks, feels and plays a lot like Breath of the Wild and it could be releasing as soon as November 8! This one definitely seems to be coming out of nowhere, but it’s Gamescom season so anything is possible. 

    So, this is a weird one. It’s still not been officially announced and therefore we have to mark as red but there have been a ton of pre-order links via sites like GameFly and Amazon. It’s apparently being published by GameMill and up to as recently as a few weeks ago, still had a date of November 8. With it being October 22 today, the likelihood is extremely low this comes out in 3 weeks without a single teaser to its name. But you have to figure there’s something happening. My gut tells me a late December / early 2023 release. Or maybe it never existed in the first place. Who can say. 

  • Deadline have reported that Sony are working on a big screen adaptation of Day’s Gone. This comes as something of a surprise considering the sequel wasn’t greenlit and Bend Studios are now working on other projects. What’s more, they reckon Sam Heughan of Outlander fame is tipped for the lead role and Sheldon Turner is adapting. Deadline have broken a few of these stories in the past so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on! 

    There’s no reason to believe this isn’t real, especially with Sony’s deep dive into TV/Films with The Last of Us, Horizon, Gran Turismo, and Twisted Metal. Especially since the devs came out and said they would prefer Sam Witwer (Deacon in the games) to be the one cast for the film and weren’t sold on Sony’s choice.  Oh Dear…

A mixed bag, then. We’ll be doing this weekly from now on with all previous rumour roundups. Let us know if there’s any big stories we missed.

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