Gears Judgment lets players buy Double XP Match Packs

In addition to the VIP Season Pass which includes a permanent double XP boost via a specific VIP playlist, Epic and People Can Fly have included Double XP Match Packs via the in-game Gears Judgment store.

What’s more, you will be able to use your Double XP in any public Versus multiplayer or survival game. Double XP weekends have been a major part of the Gears of War community for a long time, and while I doubt that will change anytime soon, a scary new precedent has definitely been set…

The packs and prices are as follows.

  • Double XP 10 Game Pack – 80 MSP
  • Double XP 50 Game Pack – 320 MSP
  • Double XP 100 Game Pack – 560 MSP
  • Double XP 200 Game Pack – 800 MSP

Between this and the microtransactions in Dead Space 3, devs seem highly keen on supporting the ‘booster gamer’ culture, allowing players to progress ahead of schedule.

It also seems as if you’ll be able to download the packs on two consoles and multiple users can benefit from the XP boost.

Here are the usage restrictions..

You can use this item on the first console you download it to, and will be granted to all users on the first console. If you transfer item using memory unit, or other storage device, you will also be able to use it on other consoles, but you’ll need to be able to sign in to Xbox Live on the second console.

Will you take advantage of these boosts? Is this something you’ve been waiting to see implemented in games for a long time?


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