Google to release a games console?

It was a matter of time, wasn’t it?

If a recent report from the Wall Street Journal is to be believed, Google are about to drop an Ouya shaped bomb on all of us with a new console release.

The console would be Android-powered and make full use of all the apps on the Android Store (bit like Ouya, then…). Though it’s probably not just a mobile dedicated system and there is also potential there to make use of the Chrome browser-based App Store as well.

It is also being suggested that Google are working on an Android-powered, internet-connected wrist watch. The move is similar to one Apple are said to be making, and that’s the driving force behind Google’s thinking-process as Google apparently believes Apple will eventually release a console component, along with a net-watch. They’re doing this to directly compete.

What does this mean for the console race if both Google and Apple get involved? And what about Steam Box? How does Valve impact things? One thing seems certain, next-gen doesn’t just belong to Sony and Microsoft..

(Source: Wall Street Journal & Polygon)

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