Grand Theft Auto IV mod brings the insanity

Modder Wapeddell, brings the insanity that is Vaas into GTA IV with this polished mod.

If you’re like us, you’ve been playing FarCry 3 for all that it’s worth, but you still won’t have had enough of the insanity that is Vaas. Well, fret not, Wapeddell, the talented modder, has created a skin for Niko transforming him into the crazed lunatic.

However, this isn’t just any reskin. After being polished with high quality textures that have been bump-mapped, you’re left with one of the best reskins in GTA IV to date. If you’ve ever wanted to take Vaas outside his comfort zone and put him into a city full of people, this is the mod for you. Check out the video below to see the mod in action and click here to grab the mod itself.

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Aaron Lapper

Aaron Lapper is primarily a PC gamer but has experience with every type of modern day console. Most of the time you'll find him lurking around on Steam playing League Of Legends or any RPG he can get his hands on.
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