Guild Wars 2 receives Living World & Bug Fixing Update

A large Living World and Bug-Fixing update has gone live for Guild Wars 2.

This update is small, but fixes bugs with the Aetherblade Retreat, as well as general World polish and a WvW issue.


Aetherblade Retreat

  • Fixed a bug in how Investigator Kiel operates as she ascends the tunnel to Rogue’s Landing which was preventing players to progress to the final boss fight with Mai and Horrik.
  • Corrected a safeguard in the final boss fight that erroneously revived players inside Rogue’s Landing instead of at the chosen waypoint.


  • Jump Shot: Fixed a bug with the animation when the Rifled Barrel trait is equipped.
  • Smoke Screen: Fixed a bug causing an infinite smoke combo field when it does not hit an enemy.


  • Ether Clone: Fixed a bug causing this ability to generate two clones in a WvW or PvP map.


  • Removed erroneous message about removed content that would appear when you level up.


  • WvW traps have been re-enabled.
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