Halo 4 gets Hivemind and four more Forge maps this Monday

343 Industries are continuing to update the latest instalment in the Halo franchise and this Monday will see one of the biggest updates yet.

This Monday, 343 will be adding a new Hivemind mode to the Flood gametype. This will see Flood characters killing players in two hits as opposed to one. 343 don’t want the player to feel disadvantaged for spawning and the mode was created alongside creators in the Forge community.

Big Team Skirmish will also be an added playlist. Meanwhile, Big Team Capture the Flag will also be added to maps Longbow, Ragnarok and Complex. Big Team King of the Hill will be added to Exile and Longbow, and Big Team Regicide will be added to Complex and Settler.

New maps will also be added to Hivemind matchmaking. Payload, Drillsite, Temple and Repression.

On top of all that, Dominion will receive a new match type called Lockdown. This tasks teams to fight for control of a central base and it’s 100 points to win.

(Thanks: OXM)


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