Beatbuddy news featuring Indie MO-CAP!

Last weekend the Expansive team made the trip to Birmingham for the annual PC and Indie Games Show “Rezzed”.  Hosted by the same team responsible for the Eurogamer Expo in London, the event  showcases the most exciting projects coming out of the indie market at the moment.  Attendees are offered the chance to get some hands on time with the titles on display and talk to the people involved. Standing out from the crowd and highlighting the support that indie development has from the wider industry was music and action adventure mash-up Beatbuddy from German developers THREAKS.

Beatbuddy has managed to garner the attention of industry giants Austin Wintory and Rhianna Pratchett. Wintory, famed for developing the soundtrack for PS3 exclusive Journey, is said to be creating an exclusive song and level for the game.  Pratchett, responsible for titles such as Overlord, Heavenly Sword, Mirror’s Edge and the recent reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise is a long time fan of indie titles and states that “No matter what you’ve written in the past, it’s the challenges and the people you work with who really matter – I cut my teeth on smaller indie titles, so it’s great to get to do more work in that space again with the THREAKS team.”

If that’s not a story to get budding games developers and designers to break out the C++ books and graphics tablets then I don’t know what is.

Off the back of their success at Rezzed the THREAKS team got in touch with Expansive to announce the release of the 2nd episode of “THREAKS News”, where you can find out all the latest information about Beatbuddy and a chance to be part of the beta program.



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