Harry Potter Wizards Unite 2.2.0 brings new lenses, Registry entries, and Honeydukes to Portkeys

Wizards Unite has had a bit of a tumultuous start but the game has just received a major update.

The 2.2.0 Update will see some changes to your Ministry ID, letting you decorate your avatar with more stickers, frames and filters.

There’s also some lenses and stickers that can customise your outlook even more.

10Km Portkeys will also let you visit Honeydukes to find your latest foundable, and you can now manage ingredient inventory from the Potion Brewing screen.

On top of that, Niantic have added a new Registry Page to ‘Magical Games and Sports Family’, meaning there are new Foundable encounters for you to discover.

These are…

  • Quidditch Fan Hermione
  • Quidditch Fan Neville
  • Quidditch Fan Luna
  • Quidditch Fan Seamus
  • Griffindor Quidditch Banner Foundables

With extra bug fixes and more, this is a sweet update, coming ahead of the second community day for Wizard’s Unite on August 10th.

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