Harry Potter Wizards Unite May Activites include Quidditch and Fortress Community Day

Wizards Unite is set to get another Fortress Community Day in May’s monthly activities.

Beginning today with the March Make Up Community Day: Play At Home Edition with Fred and George Weasley.

You can tackle the Room of Requirement V page by collecting its Foundables, with Dumbledore’s Army Sign Up Sheets in Portkeys.

Following that will be a new Brilliant Event themed around the Quidditch Cup, where you’ll see Brilliant Quidditch Captain Angelina Johnson, the Nimbus 2000 and a Chaser.

May’s Community Day will then be Fortress themed on May 16, tying in with the recent addition of The Knight Bus to the game. The description is interesting here, either hinting there could be more Chambers on the way, or that players will be encouraged to go for the highest chambers for better rewards.

This event will be 24 hours as well, which is hugely exciting and likely to be just as exhausting as the game’s previous events!

This is then followed by Part 2 of the Brilliant Event on May 19, which will include Quidditch Fan Luna and the perilous Bludgers.

To close out May will be a Wizarding Weekend on May 29th to June 1st, which will see increased sightings of Quidditch-related Foundables, including the Chudley Cannons Player, Quidditch World Cup and more.

Wizards Unite is definitely gaining some huge momentum and it’s exciting to see the game’s best element – fortressing – get some of the spotlight this month.

Keep with us for much more Wizards Unite content in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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