Harry Potter Wizards Unite opens the Chamber of Secrets this Halloween

Dark Arts Month is coming to end in Wizards Unite and will conclude with a Harrowing Halloween Chamber.

Niantic are introducing Slytherin’s Basilisk to the game, straight out of the Chamber of Secrets, for a limited time.

By using Dark Arts Runestones, you’ll be able to enter a Harrowing Halloween Chamber in Fortresses and could fight against new foes.

These include a Dark Witch, a Dark Ministry Official, and Slytherin’s Basilisk, all providing increased Dark Arts Family XP.

What’s more, if you use one of the Partnered EE fortresses, you’ll not only increase your chances of finding these enemies, but receive increased Spell Energy.

Completing the limited Halloween assignment will also give you special rewards, including a new title and badge.

In addition, there’s increased Dark Arts Family Traces in the wild, including Moaning Myrtle and Young Ginny Weasley.

The event begins Wednesday October 30 at 11am PT through to November 1 at 11am PT.