Hitman 2 getting a bumper DLC month in June as ‘Greed Kills’

IO Interactive have themed the month of June as ‘Greed Kills’ for Hitman 2.

On June 7th, Elusive Targets will be introduced to the game, re-introducing infamous targets for you to take down. Beginning with The Guru and The Congressman.

Both targets will be in the same area at the same time as part of a single contract. You’ll need the Legacy Pack to play this piece of content.

Then on June 13th, there’s a new Escalation Contract – The O’Leary Conglagration. Here, you’ll need to involve yourself in Helen’s Muffin Kitchen.

There’s another on June 20th – The Unpalatable Termination – that takes you to Miami to fight a shotgun-wielding food vendor.

Also on June 20 are Featured Contracts, called Assassin’s Greed. These let you unlock the Handyman Toolbox, opening up all sorts of possibilities for contract creators.

Finally, on June 25 a new location – The Bank – will be added for Expansion pass holders. This includes a new campaign mission called Golden Handshake.

With a new contract, challenges, gameplay opportunities, and unlocks, this also provides a new sandbox area for you to play around in.

New Special Assigments are also being added. Missions – Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur take place at different times of day to missions in main game.

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