How to stay the course on the Road to Elite in AEW Fight Forever

There’s a new wrestling game in town and this time it’s the turn of the AEW stars.

While you can face your friends head to head or take on the Bucks in a mini game or two, the core experience lies in the Road to Elite.

Here’s a few tips on how to keep yourself focused on the road to the World title and being a true Elite wrestler for the ages.

Choose your path

There’s a few ways you can go here. Pick a pre-defined AEW star, so that might mean taking CM Punk to the championship or maybe aligning with a random partner and becoming a tag champion as Sting.

Alternatively, there’s the women’s division which lets you pursue the women’s title. Or, you can do things the old fashioned way, create your own character and work your way up the rankings on the ladder to success.

The journey begins at Double or Nothing, whether you’re in an exhibition bout or a part of the Casino Battle Royale where you can earn your right to a title shot. The game gives you a chance to leave a lasting impression right out of the gate, it’s up to you whether you carve that path.

The path diverges

Now here’s where things get interesting. Once you begin your journey at Double or Nothing, depending on whether you win or lose, the path changes and shapes around you. You might be put into a grudge match with another star over the course of a few weeks, thrust into faction warfare or be feuding over a title.

There’s only a set amount of paths within Road To Elite, but it does offer some replayability in that sense and depending on which way you go, you could be a champion sooner rather than later.

Just remember those wins and losses do matter and will really adjust the path you take to the end of the road.

Staying Healthy

If you want to maintain those records, you need to keep up a healthy balance of activity. When you fly to a new state, you’ll be presented with four turns before your designated match at the venue.

First off, this starts with standard workouts of Easy, Medium and Hard Difficulty. These can actually have a chance to injure you if you’re not at 100%, so be sure to keep an eye on that and remember you don’t need to go too hard at these. At least, not right away.

The reason being is you will eventually be able to take on additional matches on Rampage and Dark, in addition to Dynamite and the PPVs. Theoretically, you could have three matches in one week, which is a lot, but this is a great way to build up points, particularly if you think you can finish matches quickly.

See, you have an overall stamina bar that dwindles or increases depending on which activities you take on. Eating out at a diner, for instance, is a great way to build your strength back up. As is a spot of sightseeing, which not only lets you see some of the wider world and maybe learn a factoid or two, but it also boosts your stamina.

You can also play some of the mini games if you’ve got some extra time and want to build up on your points or do a press conference if you need a shot of confidence.

Carefully managing and planning your activities so your stamina never dips to dangerous levels is key, remembering the only essential thing you need to do is compete in a match at the end of four turns.

Using your points

If you do have time to build up points from matches or mini games, you can actually go and spend these in a variety of different ways.

Road to Elite has monetary currency which you earn over time and this can be put to buying t shirts at each of the venue locations. But if you’re desperate and your stamina meter is that low, you can actually buy a boost at a premium in order to get yourself in a better spot for a match.

Additionally, money can be used if you’ve sustained an injury in a match or if you’re looking for in-ring buffs to improve your prospects, like chain wrestling or striking buffs.

If you have a CAW, you can also spend points on your character, building them out and improving their in-ring ability. You’ll notice from the outset your character is slow, pretty susceptible to damage and easily beaten, but overtime, if you spend wisely, looking at health attributes, your character speed, finisher power and the like, you can become a formidable force.

Look out for an !

The last point – if you see an ! next to an activity, dive in on it as soon as you can. These usually reward you with cool snapshot opportunities which you can add to your scrapbook.

Most of the time these will disappear if you move onto another turn, so if you have the stamina and it’s not putting you at risk or danger, go follow that activity and say hi to any number of AEW stars as they impart wisdom, look down on you, or even challenge you to matches. There’s many a unique bonding experience to be had.

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