The Battle of Polytopia gets new cosmetic DLC Skin Pack

The rather brilliant Battle of Polytopia has just received a brand new cosmetic DLC pack.

Releasing today alongside a 50% discount, Skin Pack 3 adds the following skins to the game.

– Oumaji Khondor
– Kickoo Ragoo
– Zebasi Anzala

The pack retails for £2.49 and is available now.

In addition, a free content update is available for the game that adds leaderboards, a long requested feature, in addition to the additional updates.

– Reward popup clarity fixes
– News items displays in a grid on wider screens
– Don’t show stars in result screen for creative games
– Glory shows correct winner head
– Various UI tweaks & Bugfixes

We loved Battle for Polytopia when we played it a few years back and would definitely recommend you taking the time to check it out.

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Sam Diglett

Sam grew up with a PS2, spending hours howling at the moon in Okami and giving students wedgies in Bully. Fortunately, she also likes Pokemon because otherwise life could have been quite annoying for her.
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