Injustice Gods Among Us 2 quietly announced

This is one announcement that really slipped under the radar. In fact, you wouldn’t have even known about it unless you were at the DC All Access at Wondercon Panel and paying really close attention.

After an apparently rather spectacular CG trailer for Batman Arkham Knight, the team were caught saying ‘2015’ post-haste. Many instantly assumed that Rocksteady’s latest was already expecting a delay. However, as soon as the internet posted it as fact, someone else at the Panel instantly came out to contradict the notion.

And offered up a pretty major-league bombshell in the process.

According to a quote from Furious Fanboys, it seems like they were actually talking about another game in another franchise. Take a read of this…

DC showed the Blur Studios’ CG trailer for Arkham Knight, which earned a lot of cheers and applause. It was pretty loud, so you can’t blame someone for not hearing what came next, but it wasn’t an Arkham Knight delay.

While people were applauding and cheering, they specifically say that Batman: Arkham Knight would be released later this year. After that statement is what most people didn’t hear, and they said to prepare for the return of Injustice. The “not a 2014 title” statement applied to the new Injustice, not the Batman sequel. No other details about the new Injustice, such as who is developing it, was revealed but it is apparently on the way…just not this year.

For those who may have missed it, Injustice Gods Among Us is a beat-em-up from the creators of Mortal Kombat that pits DC characters against one another: from Aquaman to Lex Luthor. The game did pretty well, developing a strong online community, a compelling campaign and lots of neat challenges making for plenty of replay value.

A sequel was a foregone conclusion, and with the amount of additional content Injustice has previously received, you can bet a sequel will go even further into the expanded DC Universe.

But how far will this go? This time around, could we be looking at isolated universes, such as that found in Watchmen? Imagine some Rorschach action this time around? Hoo’boy…

Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon.

No confirmation of platforms or release dates just yet, but we’re willing to bet this will be a next-gen exclusive and will surely launch by Summer 2015 in time for the big super-hero blow-out on cinema screens. It may even contain a few teasers for the Batman v Superman movie. It wouldn’t be the first time DC TV or Movies have crossed over with Injustice. Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver McQueen in the TV Series, Arrow, voiced and mo-capped Green Arrow in Injustice. A downloadable character was also modelled on Michael Shannon’s interpretation of General Zod from Man of Steel.

What we’re trying to say is, crossover is very likely, especially with The Flash and Gotham TV series also due to start imminently.

So that totally means a downloadable Felicity Smoak character, right?

Are you looking forward to an Injustice sequel? Which characters would you like to see get involved? 

(Via Furious Fanboys)

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