Katana ZERO to receive free DLC, sells over 100,000 copies

The absolutely sensational Katana ZERO is finally available, and even after six years it seems the developer isn’t done yet.

For us, this is the best indie game we’ve played this year and we said as much in our recent preview.

While our review is still to follow, we can already see the game is a runaway success, selling over 100,000 copies in its first week on sale.

But that’s not all, as Justin, lead developer over at askiisoft, has revealed that he’s already at work on more content.

In a recent tweet, he unveiled that ‘work on the first free DLC is underway’. Additionally, he’s revealed Katana ZERO is getting a speedrun mode.

With the game’s unique stance on time, it’ll be fascinating to see how askiisoft approach this and hopefully we won’t have long to wait.

In a tweet to a question about release, Justin says ‘I’ll do my best to get it out this year’.

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