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Over on the Kickstarter horizon, where you can give a wee bit of money to help make the next best thing a reality, is DieselStörmers.  Think action run’n’gun, Metal Slug meets Left 4 Dead meets Diablo sort of game.  It also looks as mad as a sack full of cats.

“Welcome to Ravensdale where armour is powered by roaring engines, princesses wield wrenches in oil-stained overalls, and not a single dragon dares to brave the smog-filled sky. The inhabitants of Ravensdale must take their city back from a rampaging ork horde.”

Up to four players will be able to assemble their own weapons by adding and exchanging parts and modifying them for their specific needs.

It’s clearly getting busy!

The missons and levels are designed for one to four players while some quests require a high level of team work and strategic skill. Players explore a wide range of different settings where they fight evil bosses and strong monsters in explosive battles.

The final game will be released on Windows PC, followed by Linux and Mac versions (Steam). Though the bodies at Black Forest Games are also planning for XboxOne, PS4 and WiiU.

Health & Safety is being ignored.

Black Forest Games is known for its successful and in-time shipped Kickstarter game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. There’s a prototype available to download on the Kickstarter page should you want to sample DieselStörmers.

If you’re about to launch a Kickstarter and would like to bring it to Kickers Corner over at ExpansiveDLC, let me, @Villordsutch know.


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