May 2014


The Decline of Future Publishing and Print Media

The digitisation of everything in our fast paced world has been leaving more and more traditional companies behind. Those who have failed to adapt quickly enough to the transformation of traditional forms of physical media. Print media is possibly most affected in this transition period, where niche magazines struggle to…


Expansive News of the Week 31/05/14

As always, this week has been filled with massive gaming headlines and the Expansive News of the Week is the best place to catch up on all that gaming goodness that you may have missed! In this weeks episode, I’ll be filling you in with all the latest details about…


World of Warships Developer Q&A

World of Warships Developer, Wargaming, have put together a helpful Q&A video answering the most common queries from the free-to-play MMO action-em-up’s community. If your first question is “What is World of Warships?” then I better field that one before you get to the video… In short, World of Warships…


An introduction to FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 14 is a game millions of people around the world play every day. It’s enjoyable and drives football fans crazy with its fast, frantic gameplay and detailed modes and options. Arguably the biggest feature of FIFA 14 is the Ultimate Team game mode, and yet, many have still never…


Mario Kart 8 Price Alerts

Come May 30th, Mario Kart 8 will launch on Wii U and if you purchase and register it before July 31, you can claim one of ten Wii U titles for no additional charge. How generous! The full list is shown below.. New Super Mario Brothers U Wind Waker HD…


Watch Dogs Price Alerts

Over the last few weeks, gaming news seems to have been dominated by two stories: the concern or anticipation – depending on your view point – of the strictly embargoed Watch Dogs and that Microsoft have been listening to their customers and making changes accordingly. A week later and Watch…

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