King of the Fighters 14 gets new stages and character DLC

An absolute wealth of new DLC for King of the Fighters 14 has been announced through Match in a new trailer.


Starting February 23rd, players will be able to get a DLC Costume for Classic Iori.

Then in the Spring there will be DLC Costumes for Kula Diamond – giving her a new sundress – Meitenkun will receive some striped pajamas, Sylvie will look like Little Red Riding Hood and Angel will have a rather revealing Diabolo look.

As for New Stages, there’s one which seems to feature Mt Rushmore in the background, along with lots of sand and telegraph poles. What’s more, all new stages will be completely free to all users. Nice job, SNK!

There’s also going to be some nice characters, but of course they’re all currently silhouetted out leading us all to speculate. Could Blue Mary be in there? Yazamaki? Krizalid? Maybe Whip and Rock Howard?

Judge for yourself.

More on this as we get it. Great to see the game receiving such huge updates.

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