The final piece of content for KC:D is, arguably, the most anticipated as we finally get to play as a new character.

This content was originally supposed to be part of the wider game but as the project developed, so the story centered around Henry alone. Now In A Woman’s Lot, it’s Theresa’s story and how she survived the Attack on Skalitz.

Theresa is one of KC:D’s most interesting characters and her biting wit and commanding presence certainly help carry the content throughout.

Unsurprisingly, things are a lot tougher for Theresa as she doesn’t have the heavy armor and piercing weapons Henry is proficient at. Theresa can use a bow and arrow, and will eventually get a knife, but your progress through the DLC definitely benefits from a stealthy approach – for better and worse.

I say that because the stealth sections are rarely satisfying. In fact, they can be downright annoying – a mixture of zero lighting and cumbersome landscapes.

Not to mention the ever-present doggo who often gives the game away. Tinker’s adorable, though, and you can give him a ruffle or two, so I forgive the little blighter.

You’ll have to be careful, though, as the dog can lose obedience over time if you allow him to get hurt or abandon him. That definitely presents its challenges.

See, Theresa has a hound master skill and once A Woman’s Lot is installed, that will also transfer to Henry, enabling him to also use Tinker on his travels. The dog himself has some cool abilities, like sniffing out clues, digging, as well as gnawing on enemies.

A Woman’s Lot tries to depict the sexism and disregard women dealt with during medieval times, though you feel like a much better job could have been done to further illustrate those hardships. In that sense, the content is a missed opportunity.

Without venturing into spoilers, Theresa doesn’t get the respect she deserves from her pa, her brothers, and peers. She’s often the one relied on to do the chores and make sure things are organised. Only when things really fall apart do they start to recognise her value, typically.

In fact, Henry is one of the few people in the game who treats her remotely like a person but even then the nature of the times shines through in their interactions.

The other half of A Woman’s Lot is a fetch quest extravaganza as you might expect. One minute you’re feeding chickens, the next you’re picking flowers or gathering nails.

It’s not as boring as it sounds, though, as these quests often serve some form of narrative purpose and can be a testament to Theresa’s bravery and fierce independence.

The dialogue options also do a fine job of capturing her will and fire, leading to some fun dialogue and putdowns with other people.

It’s all leading and building up to that attack on Skallitz, of course, and the time when Theresa finds Henry unconscious. It’s interesting to see what was happening outside the walls rather than inside, and how Theresa dealt with the fallout.

For KC:D fans alone, it’s worth the price and playtime alone to get that final piece of the puzzle and learn more about one of KC:D’s best characters.

A Woman’s Lot is a decent conclusion to the KC:D story. It works on multiple levels, while failing on others. To be fair, most of its failings are issues I’ve had with the game in general, like combat and glitching, and the DLC was never going to change those.

It will be interesting to see if we ever get a sequel and what it would look like. Perhaps the promise of a female, as well as a male lead will finally come true.

If you’re a KC:D fan, though, A Woman’s Lot is an essential part of the story. Arguably, it’s the best DLC for the game, even though there were some aspects of Band of Bastards I preferred.


+ Theresa really shines in the lead role
+ Stealth aspect adds new dimension to gameplay
+ Tinker is great


– The combat is still awful
– Stealth sections either suffer from being too dark or too obstructive
– Very linear and structured
– Some quest repetition

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A Woman’s Lot DLC Review

7 out of 10

Tested on PC

Code kindly received from the publisher

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