League Of Legends, Thresh The Chain Warden

So, as per usual with League of Legends there is a new champion with the new patch. This time, it’s a champion unlike any other seen in the game.

Thresh, The Chain Warden, is a situational support champion that focuses primarily on movement around the battleground.  Thresh utilizes the new currency of souls to advance his powers and he is currently the only champion in the game that uses this system to gain power. Souls are released by enemy creeps once they have been killed, and then the champion is required to walk over the souls in order to collect them. However, this means soul collection won’t be a risk free way of levelling as previously thought. Enemy champions certainly aren’t going to let Thresh near their minions souls without a fight, are they?

Being a new character, the part players will care about are Thresh’s skills. Here’s the list taken from the League of Legends website:

  • Damnation (Passive): When Thresh stalks the Fields of Justice, minions, monsters and opposing champions occasionally manifest their essence as souls after they die. Gather the souls of fallen foes to power up Thresh’s Armor and Ability Power. Thresh gains no Armor per level normally.
  • Death Sentence:
    • (Passive): Thresh winds up his attacks, dealing more damage the longer he waits between strikes.
    • (Active): Thresh throws his scythe forward, dragging the first enemy struck a fixed distance toward him. Activate Death Sentence again to hurtle towards the bound unit.
  • Dark Passage: Thresh hurls his lantern towards a target location. Nearby allies gain a shield while inside the lantern’s area of effect. Teammates who click the lantern will be pulled to Thresh.
  • Flay: Thresh sweeps his chain, knocking all enemies in the direction of the blow.
  • The Box: Thresh creates a prison of walls around him that slow and damage enemies that cross through.

The champion can be bought for 975RP or 7800IP of in-game currency. In addition to this, the champion can be equipped with the “Deep Terror Skin” for an additional 975RP.

Thresh, in his fancy new Deep Terror skin.

Thresh, in his fancy new Deep Terror skin.

As before, you can pick this new character up, along with his fancy skin from the in-game store in the League of Legends launcher.


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