LEGO 2K Drive Year 1 Drive Pass DLC features four seasons through Spring 2024

LEGO is heading the way of 2K in an all new racer releasing this month.

LEGO 2K Drive arrives on May 19 across all formats and we now know more about what’s coming post launch.

A Year 1 Drive Pass will feature four seasons of content, running through to Spring 2024, and is included in the Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals Edition.

Season 1 will launch in June and will kickstart new challenges and levels to play through. Each season adds free rewards and these change from Season to Season.

This includes new drivers, stickers, flairs, and sounds. There will also be a new biome within the first year of launch.

A Premium Drive Pass is also available to purchase individually for each season or overall as part of the Year 1 Pass.  These allow you to earn even more rewards, such as new vehicles from popular manufacturers.

Purchasing the Year 1 Pass will also add ‘the Awesome Pizza Vehicle’ and ‘550 coins’ to spend at ‘Unkie’s Emporium’.

Seasons don’t have time limits, enabling you to play at your own pace, and if you upgrade to the premium pass at any point, you’ll unlock all the equivalent rewards.

LEGO 2K Drive launches May 19 across all formats.

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