Life is Strange: Double Exposure Ultimate Edition gives you two weeks early access to first chapters

A true sequel to the original Life is Strange was revealed last week during the Xbox Showcase, seeing the return of Max Caulfield.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure is set a few years after the original game and it seems Max hasn’t used her powers in a long time.

But when her new friend, Safi is found dead, Max once again rewinds time but in so doing, manages to open the way to a parallel timeline where she’s actually alive.

In Double Exposure, Max is able to walk freely between the two timelines and solve the mystery of the murder and find out where the killer is heading next!

Created by Deck Nine, who have most recently been working on The Expanse Telltale Series, Double Exposure allows us to once again play as a beloved character in the Life is Strange series and continue her adventures.

There’s a few editions available, but the most interesting is the Ultimate Edition which gives you two weeks early access to the game’s first two chapters on October 15th. It gives you the feeling back to those old Telltale Episodes where you’d get a new episode every month or so, that’s for sure.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure launches across all formats on October 29th.

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