Mad Max Delayed Till 2015

After almost a year of radio silence following its E3 announcement, the official release window for Mad Max has been confirmed in a newly unveiled teaser trailer.


From the trailer, we can see that vehicular combat will play a major role in this post-apocalyptic open world playground based on the 1980’s movie franchise of the same name.



From the little that we do know of what the game will offer, there will be the opportunity to craft your own hand-to-hand combat weapons, as well as upgrade your vehicle, known as the Magnum Opus.


Seeing how this iteration will most likely be based off the Mad Max: Fury Road movie, which is set to release next year, not much is known about the story plot, other than that you are in search of your treasured vehicle, the Interceptor.

Mad Max will release in 2015 on new-gen and PC platforms.

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