Magic 2014 Duals of the Planeswalkers Recieveing First Expansion Sept 18th

Magic 2014- Duals of the Planseswalkers will be receiving It’s first lot of downloadable content come September the 18th. The package will contain 5 new playable decks totaling 280 new cards. If this wasn’t enough there will also be 6 new campaign levels from the realms of Ravnica and Kamigawa.


This along with 5 new challenges and new unlock able items such as persona trophies, It’s shaping up to be quite the sizable package for the already Magic filled game. The currently unnamed DLC will be available on all platforms, Xbox, PS3, PC and Android. With release dates varying for the different platforms.

It’s bound to keep all you would be Planes walkers wreaking havoc on those magical planes just that little bit longer.

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