Metro Last Light Gets Out Of The Subway

4A Games FPS-em-up Metro: Last Light is set to get its second dose of DLC excitement with the announcement today of the Tower pack due out on Steam, Xbox and PS3 on September 3rd.

The Deep Silver press release describes the Tower Pack as:

The Tower Pack represents a fearsome challenge for every Metro fan. Players have to fight their way up through a heavily guarded tower, a virtual combat simulator. Each level is increasingly difficult – packed with hordes of enemies, mutants and other deadly threats. The best players in this combat simulator will need to master Metro’s unique, hand-made weaponry and deep combat mechanics in order to reach the top of the global leaderboards.

Let’s have a look at some screenshots shall we?



You can grab the Tower pack for £3.99 or $4.99 if you’re the other end of the pond unless you already have the season pass in which case you get it for free, hooray!

Speaking of which, Metro publisher Deep Silver also announced more details on the next two DLC packs due out later in the year:

– The Developer Pack offers a bonus solo mission ‘The Spiders Nest’ as well as Metro Museum, AI Arena and Shooting Gallery… new maps presumably? I don’t know the propaganda machine at Deep Silver wasn’t that specific…

– The Chronicles Pack gives you three new single player missions that cover some interesting side story type action in the shoes of Pavel, Kahn & Ulman and Anna.

So it’s all go in the Metro: Last Light universe. Might be worth a look if you like subterranean shooty stuff…

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