Man of Steel Mobile gets storyline update

Man of Steel is doing pretty well in cinemas, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that an accompanying mobile game has also appeared. Generally, Superman games have been a bit hit and miss, but WB is determined that this one will get it right.

Their latest update certainly seems to be doing the right things…

This first update includes brand-new story content, focused on General Zod. Zod has released the World Engine and it’s up to the Man of Steel to thwart his mad-cap schemes. The update includes a cinematic scene, then casts players as Supes and allow him to try out a brand new combat mechanic.

A new Skin Suit will give a boost to Supe’s power, health and damage resistance, making him a much more formidable opponent for the Kryptonian invaders.

The content update is free and is available to download right now.

Man of Steel is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as Amazon Appstore and Google Play users and all Google Smartphones and tablets.

The game is £2.99 for tablets and Google users.

iPhone and iPod touch users can pick it up for a pound cheaper at £1.99.

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