Mario Tennis Aces adds more characters through 2018

Nintendo of Japan have confirmed three more characters for Mario Tennis Aces following the arrival of Koopa Trooper and Blooper.

With Koopa appearing in June and Blooper in August, we now know that Diddy Kong, Birdo and Paratroopa will be joining them before the end of the year.

Which order they will appear in hasn’t been confirmed yet, nor exact dates, however we anticipate them to be available as prizes in tournaments a month before they’re available for everyone else.

These characters were leaked as part of a datamine of the demo a few weeks back, which suggest there are more characters to come, including Shy Guy, Kameck, Boom Boom, Dry Bones and Miis. Blazingflare.

Seems Nintendo will be supporting Mario Tennis Aces for the forseeable future.

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