Marvel’s Avengers gets neat Pre-Order Bonuses and Benefits

It was a little sad when Marvel’s Avengers got a delay to later this year but today’s news cheered us up a bit.

There will be multiple editions of the game as well as some pre-order bonuses that feature iconic Marvel outfits.

These include a Front Line outfit for Captain America, Iron Man’s original suit, Thor’s Asguard attire and more.

Square have also announced a Deluxe and Earth’s Mightiest Edition of the game, with both offering 72 hour early access.

The Deluxe Edition will include Obsidian Outfits packs, as well as Obsidian Nameplates. The outfits are essentially metallic versions of their existing costumes.

What’s more, if you get the physical edition of the Deluxe Edition, there’s 1 month free of Marvel Unlimited.

As for Earth’s Mightiest Edition, you’ll get a gorgeous looking steelbook case, a 12″ statue of Captain America, a Hulk Bobble Head, keychain, belt buckle, armor blueprint, pin and group photo. Wowsers!

Marvel’s Avengers officially launches on September 4 and if you pre-order the PS4 version you’ll also be able to play the Beta first. There’s also a PSN Store exclusive edition that includes 1,000 Credits, a Ms Marvel Nameplate and ‘Talk to the Hand’ emoji.


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