Metro Exodus Expansion Pass out now, offers story-driven DLC

Metro Exodus has released today and its Expansion Pass is now available to purchase on PC and consoles.

We still don’t know what DLC for Metro Exodus looks like, where it will be based, and who it will be focused on. We don’t even know how many content packs 4A have planned.

However, the Expansion Pass is now available for Metro Exodus, retailing at £19.99, and we’re told that we will get to ‘discover new adventures in the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness.’

No platform will have exclusive DLC, despite the game releasing on the Epic Store on PC until February 2020. All we know is that there will be hours of single-player, story-driven action in each piece of content.

We’re currently working through Metro Exodus and our coverage will go live soon, however if the story in the base game is anything to go by, we’re pretty sure the DLC here is going to be very special indeed.

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