Aliens: Dark Descent offers Lethe Recon Pack and cat DLC with pre-orders

A new Aliens game will arrive later this month as Focus Interactive take us on a Dark Descent.

Rather than the first person approach of Isolation and Fireteam Elite, this time we’ve got a squad-based, XCOM esque adventure which sees you take on a horrific Xenomorph outbreak.

And if you get your pre-orders in you can get some exclusive DLC to use in the game with the Lethe Recon Pack.

Ahead of its launch on June 20, the Lethe Recon Pack includes a Black Camo Armor set and a unique feline companion that is apparently absolutely ok being around the horrors of space.

Aliens Dark Descent will release for PC, PS, and Xbox on June 20 and tasks you with customizing a squad with different classes, developing a base, managing resources and tackling an all-new, original Alien story that features many franchise staples.

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