Microsoft Digital Download Codes Now Available for Select Add-ons and Games

Physical media might be dying a slow death, but stores selling game related merchandise will have a slight reprieve as physical cards containing digital codes will soon be available on the high street for Xbox 360 and Xbox One say Microsoft.

So rather than carrying a new release with the traditional case and disc on the number 79 bus home, you could have the option of buying a card with your unique digital code or QR code to redeem on your console when you get home.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson revealed there would be more ways to “get the content you want most on Xbox 360 and Xbox One”

“You asked for more digital purchasing options and we’re answering! We’re kicking this off with digital download codes for select map and expansion packs for franchises like Halo and Forza, as well as fan favorite digital games including Max: Curse of Brotherhood and State of Decay. We look forward to adding more digital codes in the future from other publishers and in more countries in the coming months.”


The concept may baffle a few people as taking a trip to the high street to purchase a digital code to redeem online when you get back home may seem a little backward to say the least, but I think this is more about giving people options.

There is the whole increasing awareness of online security and avoiding storing card details online, not to mention parents not feeling comfortable with the card stored on their offspring’s consoles for them to purchase whatever they feel like.

However, I suspect with Christmas on the horizon, this is more a case of ensuring that your grandparents can buy an Xbox code as well as Steam codes when they enter a Game store on the high street or that kids can hand over the pocket money and buy the code of their choosing without the need to ask for their parents credit card details.

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