Min Min joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate as latest DLC character

Revealed in a new trailer today, Min Min is joining the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC roster.

A prominent ARMS fighter, Min Min loves ramen and was personally requested to join Smash by the ARMS producer himself.

It was apparently a big challenge to incorporate the ARMS fighting style into Smash as both arms do something different. Min Min

B button isn’t just a special attack, but it actually controls her right arm, and A button controls the left arm. This means you can fight with both arms at the same time.

Min Min is quite weak at close range with easy to dodge attacks, but she’s extremely effective at range. The right arm is interchangeable with several abilities, like a powerful megawatt and a dragon which fires out a laser beam.

Min Min can also do a somersault kick which deflects projectiles back onto enemies, and performs a dash attack. She can even do a super high jump that practically takes her outside of the screen, allowing her to do a downward strike.

The Final Smash, meanwhile, brings the whole ARMS cast together to literally punch your opponent to pieces. It looks painful!

Spring Stadium is the new stage which has a spring platform you can use for added height and

There’s 18 music tracks added, including the ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song, and something called Name Redacted. Hmm.

Extra Mii Fighter Costumes will have Ninjara, who is a Brawler. There will also be Tekken with Heihachi joining as a Brawler, Calle (Brawler) and Marie (Gunner)

And Vault Boy from Fallout is joining as a Gunner! Wow!

These will be available for $0.75 each on June 29th. Spirit Boards will also change to feature characters you’ve purchased as Extra Mii Fighters. A new rematch feature has also been added for further replayability.

Excitingly, a Joker from Persona 5 and Hero from Dragon Quest XI Amiibo is also in production and will release in the fall. The other DLC characters are expected to release as Amiibo at a later stage.

Min Min releases June 29th and will cost $5.99 and will be the first fighter in Fighter Pass 2, with 5 more still to be announced.

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