Moonlighter adds Friends & Foes as Free DLC Update

We had so much fun with Moonlighter when it came to Switch late last year and so we’re delighted to hear there’s a major new DLC update available for Valentine’s Day.

This free update for Moonlighter is massive, adding nine new companions to the game, helping you out when the going gets tough. You’ll need to unlock them first, though, killing certain enemy types ten times.

Once you’ve done that, an egg will appear, and after three days will hatch a friend at your farm. If only life was that simple, eh? All allies will be slightly different, too, offering different mechanics and playstyles.

However, there are also 8 tough new minibosses to fight against so as not to make things too easy. There had to be a catch, right?

On top of all that, there’s some quality of life improvements and a few cool new features. For example, Zenon will be around dungeons when you visit them at night. Just visit his campfire and he’ll tell you some stories.

Tomo has also got some new lines of dialogue and there’s a sorting items method in your inventory. There’s even a price checker at the Shop to tell you when the price of an item changes.

This sounds like a fantastic update and a great reason to dip back into this incredible game. The Friends & Foes DLC for Moonlighter is available on all formats from today.

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