Battlefield 5 -1.09 Combined Arms DLC offers PvE Co-Op from today

Battlefield 5 has released its free co-op mode – Combined Arms – as part of a major DLC title update today.

The mode pits teams of four together for a total of 8 PvE missions with the option to adapt your difficulty and loadouts.

Missions are split up into four objectives across four maps and you can earn Company Coins throughout. Combined Arms comes as part of the Lightning Strikes update and will be the final major stop on that roadmap before Rush is added on March 7.

Battlefield V will finally receive its own version of Battle Royale, called Firestorm, next month.

Combined Arms will be continually updated through future updates and is shaping up to be a fan favourite for the franchise.

This update also adds various quality of life improvements, weapon balancing, HUD and vehicular improvements, plus much more.

Battlefield V is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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