New Pokemon Meltan added to Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon GO

Meltan is the first new creature added outside of one of the mainline Pokemon Games or animated series.

It’s also incredibly unique in that you will need both Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let’s Go in order to catch it.

Essentially, you will need a Mystery Box from Pokemon Let’s Go – which is acquired once you trade any Gen 1 Pokemon from GO to the Let’s Go and bring them into the game’s GO Park. Once you’ve transfered it, you’ll get a Mystery Box to use in Pokemon GO.

This Mystery Box can be opened in Pokemon GO for 30 minutes and will give you a chance to encounter the Meltans in the wild. Once the 30 minutes are up, though, they will disappear from view again.

There also appears to be some sort of cooldown period, in that you won’t have an infinite number of mystery boxes. They will be limited though the specifics of that have not been confirmed as yet.

Meltan will evolve into Melmetal and will be a steel type, Mythical Pokemon.

More news as we get it


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