New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes DLC details revealed

During a launch party event for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes last night, Suda51 and his team revealed some new details for the games’ DLC.

The first DLC – Black Dandelion – is expected to release later this month on February 28th and will allow you to play as Shinobu Jacobs.

We now know that Shinobu will have two exclusive chips and receive new lines of dialogue, delivered by her original voice actress. A new finisher was also shown off by the team which sees Jacobs do a cartwheel before jumping on top of her opponent’s shoulders, delivering a hurricarana, before driving her sword through their skull. Mortal Kombat, eat your heart out.

During Black Dandelion, there will also be cut scenes dedicated to Badman. And it was announced that there will be a crossover with Swery65 game, Deadly Premonition, allowing Travis to wear a T-Shirt inspired by the game. Speculation has also arisen there will be a T-Shirt dedicated to The Missing as well.

We also learned more about the second DLC – entitled Bubblegum Fatale. We now know this will launch by April 28th and will allow you to play as Bad Girl. Bubblegum Fatale will feature a stage which is being hyped up as the hardest in the game, to the point where the team want it to be unbeatable in Spicy difficulty.

The stage is based on a pinball table with your character bouncing between bumpers while dodging projectiles and is said to have some sort of marathon component. There’s even supposed to be a Back to the Future III Easter Egg hidden in there somewhere but that will be up to players to find themselves.

The Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Season Pass is now available for £8.99.

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