Wargroove DLC is in the works

In a Reddit AMA, the Chucklefish team have confirmed that Wargroove is set to receive all types of DLC in the coming months.

In addition to standard Quality of Life fixes, the team have been listening closely to community feedback and are looking to make adjustments and fixes in response, such as instant skipping of animations as well as quicker skipping of battles and faster map movements.

Some more exciting changes also include online play with bots, as well as planned additional map content and changes to tooltips.

Free content updates are said to include content that was originally cut from the game as well as additional map content. There’s also suggestion that checkpoints could be added, changes to user reviews, and maybe a ranked mode for the game.

Honestly, it all sounds pretty exciting!

Wargroove is a game we’re currently playing through and will cover soon, but among it’s most impressive features is a huge level editor where you can play levels created on PC on your Switch, Xbox and vice versa.

This is a good one, folks, and a game we’ll be continuing to cover in the weeks and months ahead so make sure to keep us bookmarked!

(Source: Reddit)

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