Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Pass DLC won’t be sold seperately, includes exclusive Deadpool gear

We’ve waited years for a sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance and now its just a few days away.

As we previously reported, the game will come with an Expansion Pass, containing three pieces of DLC centered around Marvel Knights, Fantastic Four and X-Men.

What we didn’t know until recently is that, unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy the three DLC packs individually. At least, not right away.

Confirmed via Nintendo and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s website, the content is all in the Expansion Pass and they confirm it ‘won’t be available for individual purchase’.

So, it’s $19.99 for the whole lot. The first piece of content drops in Fall 2019, with the DLC ending in 2020. The DLC will include new playable characters, modes, and story.

There is some good news, though. By buying the Expansion Pass, you’ll get an exclusive chef outfit for Deadpool to use in-game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 releases this Friday as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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