Pathfinder: Kingmaker Season Pass DLC now confirmed

As we previously reported, Pathfinder: Kingmaker will be receiving three DLC packs and now we know what those content packs include.

We also know when we’re getting them with the first – called The Wildcards – releasing on December 6th.

This will be followed by Varnhold’s Lot in February 2019 and Beneath the Stolen Lands in April 2019.

The Wildcards will add Tieflings to the game as a new playable race, with Kineticists joining as a new playable class. Meaning Tiefling Kineticists are now playable in Pathfinder from Chapter 2 onwards.

Tieflings were apparently among the most requested playable race to add to the game, so their implementation will be a popular inclusion.

Varnhold’s Lot will add a new campaign to the game, taking players to the rocky foothills of Dunsward in a brand new story between 6 – 12 hours in length, depending on playstyle. What’s more, the choices made can be added into the main campaign.

Finally, Beneath the Stolen Lands adds a new game mode to Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Endless Dungeon. This offers rogue-like randomly generated dungeons with unique bosses, seperate from the base game.

The Season Pass will be available from December 6th or each piece of content can be purchased seperately.

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